How to create a Website using Remixer on DreamHost?

DreamHostDream Host is one of the most popular web hosting company that among other products focuses on WordPress hosting and cloud computing services. With remixer, Primo is attempting to introduce beginners and less experienced website owners to the web hosting services by providing an easy to use website builder that speeds up the site creation process. What’s great about remixer is that you can signup for free trial account without any credit card or any other payment information. You can go ahead and build a website and if you like remixer you can then you can choose the paid plan and add your own domain name and get your web hosting.

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How to add a subdomain to DreamHost?


DreamHost hosting is one of the best hosting available on the internet the users here can host multiple sites depending on their hosting plan. In addition to the primary domain. users can add multiple domains to their sites, which are known as SubDomains (Except the main domain). If you are also using the hosting plans of the DreamHost and getting problem in adding subdomain in your hosting, we are here to help you.

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Best Dedicated Hosting Companies of 2019

Dedicated Hosting is a type of web hosting in which a server is dedicated to a single person or organization for a single purpose such as hosting a website.

Dedicated Hosting is preferred by people because instead of shared hosting in which a server is shared among several users and it acts as a host to multiple clients, Dedicated Hosting is host only to a single person and the server is only used by you and not anyone else. Continue reading “Best Dedicated Hosting Companies of 2019”

Best WordPress Hosting Companies of 2019

Getting started with WordPress isn’t hard. You just need to have the basic knowledge about how things work around in WordPress and you will be good to go.

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Best Cloud Hosting Companies of 2019

Cloud Hosting is a network of virtual servers rather than physical servers that are built, hosted, and delivered via a cloud computing platform through the internet. It can be accessed remotely.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting include very few chances of downtime in case any severe malfunction occurs and managing high loads of traffic without any bandwidth issue since the servers have the ability and can provide extra resources when required.  Continue reading “Best Cloud Hosting Companies of 2019”

5 Best OffShore Hosting Companies of 2019

OffShore web hosting is when you host your website on any server that is located outside of your own country. The real motive behind OffShore Web Hosting is to gain some benefits.

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Best VPS Hosting of 2019

VPS (or Virtual Private Server) Hosting is a special type of hosting technology that differs from other types of hosting in a sense that it gives you more power, functionality, and flexibility than shared servers, but you aren’t charged all the fancy price tag of the dedicated.

It is a viable choice and sits between shared web hosting and dedicated servers. For users who are looking for a viable choice that isn’t that much costly and provides all the functionalities, then VPS Hosting is a good option. Continue reading “Best VPS Hosting of 2019”

Best Web Hosting Sites of 2019

Due to a great number of hosting providers online and the competition between them, it becomes very hard for newbies to find out the best web hosting which suits their website.

It is very challenging to find out which Hosting company provides the best uptime and speed, which providers quick support and which provides the best hosting features? Continue reading “Best Web Hosting Sites of 2019”