Top 5 Shared Hosting Sites

Shared hosting sites allow various websites to use a single server. It is an inexpensive and most economical option for users’ needs in terms of business. These are top 5 shared hosting sites trending in today’s world:

1. HostGator: It has proved to be a foremost hosting provider handling websites encountering high
traffic. It is easily accessible on operating systems such as Windows and Linux. It has 99.9% uptime and is supported with infinite domain and sub-domains. It is available in a pricing range that is wallet-friendly.

2. SiteGround: It has been lately popular with smaller businesses as a primary hosting provider. It offers specialized features such as 24/7 online customer support with flexible software and website navigation. It has 99.94% uptime and is supported with SSD storage.

3. Dreamhost: It has been the most standard-featured shared hosting provider which currently host more than 1.45 million websites. It is not very economical as compared to others in the market, however, its benefits define all. It is supported with infinite bandwidth, domains, storage and websites with an uptime guarantee of 100%.

4. A2 Hosting: It has been the choice for developers and enterprises that encounters high-traffic. It supports services for website that is 20 times faster as in comparison to other hosting platforms. Few of outsmart benefits of A2 Hosting includes infinite storages, transfers and databases. It is supported with free SSD with an uptime of around 99.9%.

5. BlueHost: It is one of the most economical hosting provider handling websites for beginners and smaller businesses. Users prefer this hosting platform due to its low cost and unlimited features. Few of its freebies include infinite bandwidth, websites, emails and monthly/weekly backups. It is also supported with plenty of additional tools and it has an uptime of around 99.93%.