How to Upload My Site to DreamHost?

DreamHostDreamhost is used to host sites. Here are some steps that you can take on dream host to help getmyour site up and running.

Steps to upload Site to DreamHost

1. Go to the DreamHost official website.
2. Now, go to the toolbox area and click on manage domains and that will show you all of the domains and subdomains. From there you, you can see a big button that says add new
domain. Click on it.
3. After clicking, you are required to name your domain that you want to host and type the
4. Next choice is to add “www” or not add it.
5. You can create different users to log in and upload files to the site. You can also create a new
6. You can now see the web directory.
7. You can also use google service or Gmail for the site. It is helpful for collaborating with other
8. Next, select fully host this domain.
9. Now, take down the FTP program which will allow you to upload files to the domain.
10. Change the domain server name. You will see the list of domains and the users that can
access your domain via FTP
11. And if you ever want to make any edits, just click on the edit button and go in and make
some edits.
12. Next, set up the FTP for uploading of file. Go to the site manager, create a new site by naming them. Name the host as “”.
13. Setup login type and user name with a password , enter the account name.
14. Now, you can see the folder available. Now, you can upload them to the sites which are necessary to run the installation.
15. Now, you can easily set up the database on Dreamhost.