How to create a Website using Remixer on DreamHost?

DreamHostDream Host is one of the most popular web hosting company that among other products focuses on WordPress hosting and cloud computing services. With remixer, Primo is attempting to introduce beginners and less experienced website owners to the web hosting services by providing an easy to use website builder that speeds up the site creation process. What’s great about remixer is that you can signup for free trial account without any credit card or any other payment information. You can go ahead and build a website and if you like remixer you can then you can choose the paid plan and add your own domain name and get your web hosting.

Steps to create a website using Remixer on DreamHost

  • Go to DreamHost and try remixer. Go to the website.
  •  Scroll down to the remixer section. Click on the start remixer trial button. Enter a name, email, and a password that will be used for logging in.
  • Quickly create account button and we’ll get a message about the free trial period has begun. And we can go again and log in to remixer.
  • The first thing needed is to choose our theme.
  • Click to choose for desktop view, tablet view or smartphone version.
  • Now from here go ahead and change the title of the website, just highlight the text to the
  • Fonts and alignment can be changed from the control bar.
  • By scrolling down, text and title can be changed.
  • Editing website photos are very easy, go and click on it and from the left bar, you can upload your photos from the library. Select the image and can also edit the caption.
  • For a business website, map feature is available. Type in your business address and the map will be updated.
  • That’s it, folks.