How to add a subdomain to DreamHost?


DreamHost hosting is one of the best hosting available on the internet the users here can host multiple sites depending on their hosting plan. In addition to the primary domain. users can add multiple domains to their sites, which are known as SubDomains (Except the main domain). If you are also using the hosting plans of the DreamHost and getting problem in adding subdomain in your hosting, we are here to help you.

How to add a Subdomain to DreamHost?

Here are the two methods to add a subdomain to DreamHost

1- Adding fully hosted Subdomain

Adding a fully hosted subdomain means adding a domain which will be its own unique website. This requires the same steps which are used to add the primary domain to the website. Here are the steps to follow-

  • Go to Manage Domain Page.
  • Here click on Add Hosting to a Domain/Sub domain.
  • Go to the Fully Hosted title go to the box Domain to Host, there add the subdomain.
  • Click on the “Fully Host this domain” button to save.
  • After this point your DNS to hosting Nameservers.

2- Adding a Domain as a Custom DNS Record

This method can be used if you are using the website in the primary domain at DreamHost, but want to host subdomain to other company, then you would need to create a Custom DNS record. With this method, you will be able to set the IP address of the subdomain to other hosting company. Steps to follow to add subdomain are-

  • First click on the DNS link you will get under your domain located on the Manage Domain Page.
  • Now enter the Subdomain in the Name field.
  • Now change the Type using the drop down from Default to A.
  • In the Box given with title Value, enter the IP address you want your domain to point.
  • Click on the Add Record Now Button and your A record will be created which will point your subdomain to another hosting provider.