DreamHost is a web hosting provider with a humble start in 1997. After 20 years, DreamHost continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Mostly by the variety of services offers, decent uptime record, and constant support to the open source projects.

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At DreamHost, you can avail the five different web hosting options — Web, Shared, VPS, WordPress, and Dedicated. The massive popularity of DreamHost is partly due to the introduction of WordPress one-click install. The idea was to install WordPress as quickly as possible and get started with customizing the themes and configuring sites.

Till date, WordPress recommends DreamHost as the recommended hosting service provider. DreamHost catches up with the fast-paced and rapidly rising requirements and offers SSD storage based infrastructure to the customers, developers, and companies looking to scale their websites.

DreamHost Features

DreamHost offers a variety of hosting packages as per the different needs of the customers and developers. It takes pride in and provides one of the best uptimes and page load times than an average hosting provider. You can buy and register a variety of domains along with domain privacy offered through DreamHost.

Your private details get masked to protect it from the prying eyes of scammers and spammers. As noted above, DreamHost has SSD-based cloud servers systems that provide faster page loads and are also available for scaling environments on an hourly basis. You can get your WordPress site or any other site running in a single click.

Not only that, if you want to use a different combination, the DreamHost supports OpenStack API and also provides you root access with select plans only. For the WordPress fans, there is an exclusive DreamPress 2 plan which is optimized specifically for the platform and hosted on VPS. Event the databases are stored on an isolated VPS for security, and you get an option to scale the VPS hardware too.

One of the significant highlights of DreamHost is its promise of unlimited storage and bandwidth on shared hosting plans. That’s phenomenally different and challenges the rest of the competition. DreamHost offers Atmail web email service which is considered to be one of the secure mail systems. Apart from that, the service provider offers free  SSL certificates with every plan. Also, the company continuously provides instructions and tips for checking site security and upgrading the necessary software to secure your setup.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

The DreamHost’s Shared Starter plan for $2.59 per month includes support for 1 WordPress site with Fast SSD storage, pre-installed SSL certificate, daily backups, and unlimited traffic. You get the same features at the same price for a non-WordPress site too.

The Basic VPS plan offers an Ubuntu OS running server with 1GB RAM and 30GB SSD storage along unlimited, and you can host unlimited domains on it.

DreamHost leads the pack by offering an admirable 97-day money-back guarantee on any of its hosting service plan. That’s a tall promise.

Get Started with Dreamhost

Why DreamHost still rocks?

DreamHost serves the dreams and smart folks who look for a web hosting service by keeping three things in mind — open source support, flexible plans, and scaling websites as well as apps.

The company’s promise of 100% uptime goes well with the fact that it promises you 97-day money-back guarantee — that’s a long time. Apart from that, you get the top-grade technical and after-sales support.

DreamHost’s kitty of features includes domain-related facilities, email accounts, bandwidth, and unlimited storage. The company runs  SSD-based infrastructure with latest control panel options and backup tools. And to get you started safely, the site offers free SSL certificate.

That’s like getting more than you can bargain. To sum it all, DreamHost is affordable, reliable and continuously upgrades itself with new open source features.

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